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Hey guys! 
How are things? It's been a while and I'm still in collage in my fourth year now. Well, since I've been taking part-time, my time in graduating will be a couple more years but I'm leaving this on a positive note. Sure some want to graduate as soon as they can, however do you know the saying "Slow and Steady Wins the Race"? Well, I just want to make sure I would be able to be fully prepared on my journey when I graduate. 

ANYWAY, ASIDE FROM THAT, I just uploaded a new piece of artwork called "Determine". Practicing using Charcoal and I seem to have the grasp of using it. Although it may not be like a how an expert charcoal artist would make, but I'm pretty happy with this, so tell me what you guy think about it :la:

Determine by TheRush05

For those who live around in New York, I hope you guys are doing alright in this storm. It's so windy that its shaking my floor upstairs as the rain is slamming against the windows. Stay indoors and stay safe! Damn Nor'easter Storms! :iconffffplz:
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